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For 200 years, Legal services have remained largely unchanged. At GOlegal, we're determined to make a difference. Drawing from his legal expertise, Don recognized the pressing need for innovation. The vision is built around client expectations and operational excellence.At GOlegal, Don plays a pivotal role in shaping our strategic direction, guiding our people, and fostering business development. With a focus on innovation, he's actively involved in IT and R&D initiatives.Every day, together, we work towards our goal: recasting legal services. Don’s Team mission is clear—to revolutionize the industry through excellence and innovation.


As GOlegal's COO, Gatien taps into his consulting background to propel our legal services into the future, tackling the industry's latest challenges. His knack for project and change management, enriched by a deep dive into data and information management, reflects our ethos: a pragmatic, multi-angled approach that's all about enabling business success.Shifting from consultancy to the forefront of legal innovation, his commitment is clear: to leverage his past insights for greater growth, efficiency, and ingenuity in our practices.Gatien is at the heart of steering GOlegal, meticulously crafting strategy and operations that bring GOlegal’s vision to life: delivering efficient, modern legal solutions that support the ambitions of innovators, ensuring our approach is not just relevant but truly supportive.

Our values

Business enabling

We value risk-aware pragmatism over risk-averse encyclopedism


We value "Colleagues in trenches" mentality over "Client-Consultant" dichotomy


We value managed & recognized shortcomings over disguised excuses

Quality & control

We value cost-to-value ratio over cost-or-value dilemma


We value consistent timings over conservative time windows

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Legal counsel

Join GOlegal as an In-house Counsel specializing in Commercial, IT, and/or GDPR. 0-5 years of experience. Experience innovation, growth, and flexibility. Check it out for an exciting legal career!

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Digital marketing expert

Unlock your digital marketing potential! Join our team, where account-based marketing and growth hacking skills meet creative design expertise. Click to seize this exciting opportunity and shape the digital future of the legal industry!

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Chief Technology Officer (CTO)

Shape the future of our company as a CTO! Build our IT practice from the ground up and lead the development of our emerging suite of digital products. Your key role will define our future. Be sure to seize this unparalleled opportunity!

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Business developer

Unleash your potential as a Business Developer! Drive growth, forge partnerships, and shape our company's future. Click now to take the lead in our exciting journey!

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