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We are efficient legal colleagues bringing peace of mind to innovators’ growth, spearheaded by a pragmatic business-enabling mentality & a multiskilled approach.

Our values

Business enabling

We value risk-aware pragmatism over risk-averse encyclopedism


We value "Colleagues in trenches" mentality over "Client-Consultant" dichotomy


We value managed & recognized shortcomings over disguised excuses

Quality & control

We value cost-to-value ratio over cost-or-value dilemma


We value consistent timings over conservative time windows

What you'll be doing


Breathe Fresh Air into Legal Service Communication with GOlegal!

Are you ready to disrupt the B2B legal service sector communication in a dynamic and innovative way? At GOlegal, we believe in doing amazing work differently, and it's time the world knows how "better" we are.

We're here to revolutionize the way legal services are perceived, and we invite you to join us in this exciting journey.

GOlegal: Unveiling the Extraordinary

In a nutshell, here's what GOlegal is all about:

  • What? We provide B2B legal services in Belgium and across five continents.
  • Our Clients? We cater primarily to innovators, typically with turnovers ranging from 5 million to 300 million per year.
  • How? We rely heavily on IT and a touch of project management in our groundbreaking business model.
  • Benefits? Our clients enjoy actionable, timely, and fixed-price deliverables.
  • Who? We are a team of 6 remarkable individuals.
  • What Else? We initiated operations in 2017, and our growth is entirely self-funded. We've recently ramped up our sales efforts and are now ready to make some serious noise in the marketing arena.

Your Mission, Should You Choose to Accept It

As a Digital Marketing Specialist at GOlegal, your mission is to:

  • Collaborate with management to define a disruptive communication line and strategy.
  • Create an offbeat and disruptive communication style/tone for GOlegal, becoming the impactful "voice" of our company.
  • Regularly run and coordinate a variety of marketing initiatives, all infused with GOlegal's distinct style that you'll define.

If you're hungry for more, we have additional challenges waiting for you!

What We're Looking For: The Marketing Maverick

We're seeking someone with most of these competencies and skills:
  • Content Creation: Image editing (think meme creation), video editing, strong copywriting skills, and design expertise.
  • Second-degree Humor: The ability to understand, appreciate, and wield humor effectively.
  • Independent and Free-Thinking: A bold and intelligent personality that can think both strategically and operationally.
  • Social Media Savvy: Good knowledge of LinkedIn is a must, with bonuses for proficiency in other platforms like Instagram, Twitter/X, , etc.
  • Tech and Data-Driven: Familiarity with Google marketing tools is essential.
  • Bonuses: Experience in account-based marketing (ABM), SEA, SEO, as well as a well-rounded general culture in areas like series, history, literature, and non-digital marketing initiatives (events, press, etc.). The ability to stay on top of new technologies, trends, buzz, and news is a plus.

Qualities We Value:
  • Humor: A good laugh is always welcome.
  • High Energy: Fueled by projects and challenges.
  • Creativity: An innovative mindset is crucial.
  • Curiosity: Always eager to explore new ideas and possibilities.
  • Critical Thinking: Ability to view issues from multiple angles.
  • Clear Communication: Articulate and concise.
  • Pragmatism: Realistic and practical approach.
  • Learning Skills: A strong appetite for continuous growth.
  • Rigor in Execution: Detail-oriented and diligent.
  • Empathy: Understanding and compassion for our customers.

What We Offer: A Truly Comprehensive Package

We've got the whole "shebang" covered, and we'd love to tell you more about it. Reach out to us, and let's prove it to you!

Join GOlegal, where you can make a real impact on the future of legal services through innovative digital marketing.

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