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Can GOlegal assist me with personal legal challenges?

No, GOlegal exclusively serves the B2B industry.

Our focus is on redefining traditional legal practice to provide the best experience for our B2B clients

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Is the "Laas" plan right for me?

If you have ongoing legal needs, the "LaaS" (Legal Department as a Service) plan is your top-tier solution.

For a detailed overview of what it offers, visit our "Pricing" page or schedule a meeting with us to discuss your needs further.

Pricing plans

What kind of service can you deliver to my organisation ?

GOlegal is designed to adapt to your legal needs.

As soon as we identify your expectations and the best way to answer it, the format of the mission may vary, going from mere oral or written consultation to full project & change management.

Consult our Services page for more information on this topic.

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How does GOlegal compare to an employee, in house counsel, of the company?

Fuelled by our global interactions from many different clients across all industries, we may leverage on continuous improvement to deliver the best practices of the market on a sustained basis.

Furthermore, even though we aim at being as close to your organization as an in-house employee can be, we are way more flexible in terms of work intensity, legal expertise or jurisdictions required sticking therefore closer to your effective business needs than any other legal service provider.

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Do I have to entrust you with all my legal challenges? Do you require any exclusivity? Do you have fixed commitments?

No, we do not require any of that.

We are understanding of the constant evolution of your business needs and as such we seek to optimize the flexibility of our offering instead of seeking long-term fixed commitments which at some point inevitably fall out of alignment with your business needs.

How it works

What would be a reason to believe that you achieve a higher quality-price ratio than traditional legal practitioners?

There is one: our permanent focus on operational excellence since day 1.

Operational excellence has been largely overlooked by the legal services industry so far.

Our model took it as a start point, foundation, a routine and an absolute objective. This is how we keep our promises such as 24h-reply, tailor-made deliverables, fixed prices and deadlines, to name a few.

About GOlegal

How do you invoice your services?

>> "Discovery" plans

We provide dedicated quotes, and you're invoiced upon acceptance.

>> "LaaS" plans

With "LaaS" plans, you have more flexibility and control. You determine your monthly contribution to GOlegal. Each month, we generate an invoice and request payment, based on your chosen contribution. These contributions can be cumulative for up to 4 months, and you can monitor your balance through your Online Portal access.

Important to note:
  • You retain control over your budget consumption through your "delegation level".
  • Adjust your monthly contribution anytime through the Online Portal without long-term commitments.
  • If you're unsure about the right contribution level, we're here to assist you in finding the best fit for your specific needs.
Billing & invoicing

What are the main differences between pricing plans?

If you're regularly dealing with legal challenges, big or small, simple or complex, the "LaaS" plan is tailored for you.

On the other hand, if you have sporadic or ad-hoc requests or want to test our services first, the "Discovery" plan suits your needs.

In terms of experience, the "LaaS" plan is the ultimate choice: it's comprehensive, flexible, and delivers exceptional value in terms of proximity and business enablement with your organization.

Pricing plans

Is the "Discovery" plan right for me?

The "Discovery" plan is designed for companies with occasional needs or those looking to experience our services before committing. If you fall into either category, the "Discovery" plan is likely your best choice.

Please note that some features are exclusive to the "LaaS" plan. Refer to our "Pricing" page for more information or book a meeting with us. We'll be happy to guide you towards the best option based on your effective needs.  

In any case, you are always able to switch from one plan to the other through the Online Portal.

Pricing plans

What are the traditional steps in the execution of a mission?

Every request goes through these steps:

  1. Request reception: We acknowledge your request within 24 hours.
  2. Intake: We analyze your request and gather necessary information.
  3. Offer: We provide an offer, including scope, deliverables, and timing.
  4. Execution: We carry out the work as agreed upon.
  5. Delivery: We finalize deliverables based on your feedback.
  6. Closing: We close the job when everything meets your satisfaction.

We'll keep you informed about each stage in our communications and on our Online Portal.

How it works

Is GOlegal a law firm?

No, we are not a law firm.

We are a highly-efficient & flexible external legal department designed for companies having a strong pulse for innovation.

We combine legal expertise with a multi-disciplinary approach, enhancing implementation aspects of projects and going beyond the legal "theoretical" advice.

We aim to work as an integral part of your team, not just as external service providers.

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Is GOlegal a legal consultancy firm?

No, we are not traditional consultants.

We are a highly-efficient & flexible external legal department designed for companies having a strong pulse for innovation.

Consultants tend typically to be involved over the scope of a specific project and are generally involved in activities which require some forme of "change".

Even if we are a great alternative to consultants for "change" projects, we are as relevant when it comes to "BAU" (business-as-usual / day-to-day) activities.

Furthemore, we excel and you benefit most from our services in long-standing relationships as we help you grow your company and focus on your core business by taking away all the legal challenges you may face.

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Is GOlegal a legal interim platform?

No, we are not an interim platform.

We are a highly-efficient & flexible external legal department designed for companies having a strong pulse for innovation.

We are a dedicated team (not an isolated individual), offering more flexibility and better coverage of your needs.
Furthermore, we are not there for a single assignment or for a fixed working regime.
We are fully flexible when it comes to legal expertise, jurisdiction & work intensity to best accommodate your evolving business needs.

About GOlegal

How do you do to create the “in-house counsel” on demand experience you describe?

It all starts from our mindset. This is how we see ourselves and what we strive for.

Furthermore, we collect a lot of information about your company when you join us (namely through the "onboarding" meeting) and then we keep ourselves constantly updated. This way, we make sure that we stick to your visions and your priorities.

Additionally, for some services, we set up our internal processes based on your personal needs. As an example of that, we frequently create "contract negotiation playbooks" which then acts as a critical catalysts to streamline the review of contracts.

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How quickly can GOlegal react to my requests?

We commit to responding to all requests within 24 hours.

You can track our performance on your own assignments in your Online Portal. Our website also disclose some "live KPI's" on an aggregated level so that you can have a clear view on our performance history when it comes to reactivity and respecting deadlines.

This being said, in some cases you would want an even more reactive handling of your request. We encourage you then to notify us expressly that your request is urgent and/or communicate directly with your dedicated "Account manager" for example over the phone.

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What do you cover in terms of jurisdictions?

We cover all jurisdictions to support your global needs.

Our mission is to provide efficient, flexible legal support with a focus on pragmatic and business-enabling recommendations.

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What do you cover in terms of legal matters?

We cover all legal matters to ensure we meet your challenges heads-on.

Our goal is to be your efficient, flexible legal department, delivering practical and business-enabling solutions.

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